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Sandeep Singh

Brand Ambassador

I ,Sandeep Singh (born 27 February 1986) is an Indian professional field hockey player and an ex-captain of the Indian national team,  Arjuna Award recipient for achievements in hockey, in  2010,wants to welcome all of you  who have chosen BYE-BOOST YOUR ENGLISH , an IELTS,PTE and SPOKEN ENGLISH and STUDY VISA for their sons and daughters.

Moreover, it is both an honor and privilege to serve as the Brand Ambassador of BYE-BOOST YOUR ENGLISH. This role has provided me with an opportunity to lead a dynamic organization at a time when there is so much potential competition in the lives of students.

Great care has been taken with every aspect of the education to study in and at the same time a rewarding experience. Students of BYE-BOOST YOUR ENGLISH will find a carefree and safe environment set amidst resplendent natural beauty. A place under the guidance of its Director Mr. Achint Kumar Goel,Mrs. Sunaina Thakur,Mrs. Bharti Prasher and Mr. Harpreet Singh Devgun , who are not only renowned businessmen but also are fabulous motivational educationists, children can explore their potential in the most conducive environment.

I have full faith that children who study from BYE-BOOST YOUR ENGLISH, will stand out as confident leaders and will become trend setters not only To aspire their dreams to study abroad  but also the country at large. BYE-BOOST YOUR ENGLISH ,believes in offering quality education at an affordable price and hence is regarded one of the most cost-effective IELTS,PTE and SPOKEN ENGLISH center in Patiala, Ambala, Karnal, Bathinda, Delhi, Kurukshetar, Jalandhar, Chandigarh and Ludhiana.

In summary, please be assured that our focus is to seek and continuously improve our organization, to concentrate primarily on those who utilize our services, and then measure the results of our efforts. We welcome and value your questions, comments and concerns in which to better serve you. I  look forward to continuing to work with the BYE-BOOST YOUR ENGLISH.


Sandeep Singh,

Brand Ambassador-BYE-Boost Your English.

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